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Privacy & Policy

To make sure the credit or debit card Transaction is safe we may call the Phone number on the order especially for the Download orders which Can be Delivered by Email

So customer needs to provide valid Phone number on the order

The above policy is applicable for all customers of Vegascart.com regardless of any websites or third Party sites they come from

We Can Cancel the order at any time without even disclose the reason for the Canclelation, when we decide NOT to process the order.

Credit Card ChargeBacks: 

As Per the Vegascart LLC Store Policy when you did place the order, you did agree to our Vegascart LLC Store Policies 

If you need any help or any issues to be take care of, you need to contact us first at Support@vegascart.com 

So that we ca Help you and you may need to wait 3 to 7 Business Days before the issue is Resolved

if you file chargeback without contacting us and if you cannot wait for 3 to 7 Business days to resolve your issue, we will bill you 30 dollars fee and we may sent the bill to the collections, we may also file a legal case against your charge back

Privacy Notice

Vegascart.com will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about its clients and visitors to any third party without first receiving that client's or visitors explicit permission.

Privacy Philosophy
It is Vegascart.com’s policy to allow its clients and visitors to provide as much or as little personal information to us as they feel comfortable doing.

As a client or visitor of Vegascart.com you:

1. Control what personally identifiable information is collected
2. Control what Vegascart.com can do with the information
3. Have a guarantee of privacy

The information provided in this Privacy Policy covers your interactions on the Vegascart.com website. The choice of how much personally identifiable information about yourself to disclose to Vegascart.com is left completely up to you, our client or visitor. But, however, you choose to interact with Vegascart.com, you have our guarantee of privacy: Vegascart.com will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about its clients to any third party without first receiving that client or visitors explicit permission.

Information Gathered 

Vegascart.com gathers information about its clients and visitors that allows it to offer compelling and easily accessible online content in a manner that provides personal privacy protection as well. On the registration and feedback forms you are asked to provide information such as your name, email address, or other demographic subjects. Unless you specifically tell us, Vegascart.com will never know who you are.

Use of the Information
Vegascart.com is trying to always provide you with a compelling reason to come back and visit our website again. We use the information to provide personalized portions of our website that are intended to provide just the information you are interested in receiving. Some of these personalized services are made available directly by Vegacsart.com Occasionally we will send you email communications to provide information which we think you will find useful, including information about new products and services from Vegascart.com. It is our policy only to send email to clients or visitors who give us explicit permission to do so. We send out a limited number of communications to our clients and visitors. When you send feedback.Vegascart.com will acknowledge receipt of the feedback. This is a one-time mailing. The Vegascart.com Newsletter is an infrequent mailing that announces new features and news about Vegascart.com products and services. You must request to be added to this list and can request to be removed from the list at any time.

Information Distribution 

The individually identifiable information that you provide will be used within the Vegascart.com to provide a personalized service for you. Vegascart.com will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about its clients or visitors to any third party.